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Keep your grinder pump or basement sump pump in excellent condition with Grinder Pump Doctor. Call us in Ocean Springs today!

If your residential or commercial property uses a grinder or sump pump to handle wastewater removal, you'll eventually need pump repair services. These systems have many plumbing components and electrical connections that could fail or sustain damage. At Grinder Pump Doctor, we offer excellent pump repair for all equipment makes and models in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Your Choice for Ocean Springs Sewer Pump Services

Grinder Pump Doctor has over 25 years of experience providing quality pump solutions throughout Ocean Springs and the surrounding communities. As a professional grinder pump service and licensed electrical contractor, we have the skills to inspect, diagnose, and repair any problem with your grinder pump or basement sump pump.

Faulty Sump Pump Solutions

Sump pumps redirect water that would otherwise seep into buildings from plumbing leaks or saturated soil. As pump repair experts, we can do everything, including removing clogs in drainage pipelines and fixing faulty float switches.

Sump pump repair

Repairs for Damaged Sewage Pump for Basement or Yard

When you contact Grinder Pump Doctor to fix your sewage pump, we ensure we do the job right the first time. Our technicians use advanced computer software to troubleshoot the equipment and pinpoint the precise problem and its location. 

You can expect the following during pump repairs:

Since Grinder Pump Doctor is also a top electrical contractor in Ocean Springs, our crew can assess breakers, relays, drainage pipes, starter caps, float switches and other connections and components to ensure we fix pump problems correctly.

Why You Might Need Grinder Pump Repair

Problems with float switches, breakers, and starter caps require professional pump repairs. It might be time to call us if you experience:

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