The service was excellent. Guice was there quickly and was very knowledgeable about my grinder pump.

Daniel Garrard

5 Star Review

On July 19, 2018 (a Friday) as I was exiting the shower, I heard my Liberty grinder alarm going off. This was disturbing as all the water that leaves the house must pass through this grinder, including sewage. I called Guice electric the next morning, and Junior Guice came within two hours of my call. This was very refreshing as I was concerned I would have to wait over the weekend for service. 72 hours is a long time to go without toilets, the ability to wash clothes or dishes, take showers, and the other things we all take for granted on a daily basis.

Fortunately, Junior found nothing wrong with the grinder, thinking that all the rain we've had over the past days might have set off a false alarm. He only charged $60 for the service call. He could have easily charged more. He also gave me some tips about how to service the grinder every two months, which could prevent future service calls.

My plumber recommended Guice Electric to me when I decided to buy a grinder and now I know why. I don't think you can go wrong doing business with Guice electric, and I highly recommend them to you.

Dr. Jim Dunn

5 Star Review

These guys are great! I have two rental properties and am an out of state owner. I trust them with all my grinder pump, plumbing and electrical needs and have found them to be fair, honest and most importantly timely when I call. And they are friendly to my tenants and educate them too!

Marsha Smith

5 Star Review

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