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Order a new wastewater removal pump in Ocean Springs, Gulfport & St Martin, MS

Grinder Pump Doctor is a leading grinder pump and sump pump expert. We offer an array of wastewater removal pump solutions in Ocean Springs, Gulfport & St Martin, MS. We sell, install, repair and maintain all kinds of pump systems. Route sewage out of your home efficiently with help from Grinder Pump Doctor.

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Pump Sales

Buy a durable new grinder pump for your home.

Pump Design

Choose us to design a pump that meets your needs.

Pump Installations

Find out which makes and models will fit your installation needs.

Pump Repair & Maintenance

Restore your grinder pump to working condition.

Types of pumps we work with

Are you dealing with a pump problem? Grinder Pump Doctor can help you get water and sewage out of your home efficiently. We work with:

  1. Grinder pumps-These sit at a low point in the home and force wastewater into gravity sewers.
  2. Sump pumps-These can solve basement flooding issues by routing water away from the foundation.

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Do you need a new grinder pump?

In some cases, you won't actually need a new pump to clear up your issues. Count on Grinder Pump Doctor to assess your system and diagnose the problem. If repair and maintenance services will clear up the issue, we'll let you know. This can save you tons of money over a pump replacement.

Schedule a grinder pump evaluation to find out if you need a new system. Call 228-219-5336 today to get started.